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Using liberty-minded opensource tools, and using them well

  1. Network in a Bottle

    I've always imagined a scenario in which, there is a man, on a chair, in front of blinkenlights and computer screens. He presses a button and slowly raises his hands up as would a conductor in front of a grand symphony orchestra. The network springs to life like a bat outta hell. Disks whirring, fans spinning. It is up and ready; waiting to bend to his every whim. This is what that button press does.

  2. A Network for a HomeLab

    There's a lot that goes into architecting a nework, from production and development separation, to physical hardware management, to guest networks. Doing this right requires a lot of thought and vetting. Hopefully this is a good start.

  3. Setting up FreeNAS on an HP Proliant Microserver G7

    After bricking my first NAS box, I decided to get one that was a bit more hardware-friendly, as I have never had much success with firmware hackery. The Microserver seemed like the perfex box for the job.

  4. Callback Service for Desktop Support

    Previously, I had set up a callback script to set up desktop support for my family members' desktops. Recently, I refurbished my buddy's Macbook Pro, and put Ubuntu on it. I figured I might as well set it up for him as well, with a couple refinements.

  5. Systemd for an Alarm Clock

    I prefer full albums over singles or sound bites without exception. So setting up an alarm that was a full album in the morning not only satisfies me, but over time I figure out how late I am going to be based on what song is playing when I go to leave the house for work.

  6. My Collection of Tunes

    The background to my blog here is actually the image that was playing when I was being introduced to Ghosts of Paraguay. I've learned about a lot of new bands through just searching for them, and lurking in various other channels, and I thought I'd share my personal collection here for any who were interested.

  7. Distributed Duplicity

    I need to have several machines be backed up to a central machine, and have been recommended Duplicity to perform said backups. I can just make a cron job, but I want to also be able to do manually-triggered automated backups as well.

  8. Hosting Kanboard as a organizational tool

    Kanboard is a tool to facilitate organization using the Kanban methodology. It is very extensible and I think it will work out just fine for not just my own purposes...

  9. Gitlist - A minimalistic Git Repo Viewer

    I got tired of the headache that is gitlab. For one person, or one organization, it's helluva overkill. So I was looking around for a non-90's frontend, and found Gitlist.

  10. Running a Bitcoin Unlimited Node

    I decided that since I have the available bandwidth, technical skills, and hardware to do so, that I would run a node. I chose to support Bitcoin Unlimited because I believe that software provides for a free market instead of a fee market.